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All About Engine Oil Sample Analysis

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oil sample analysis

Engine oil analysis can tell you a lot about the health of your boat’s motor. A lot goes on inside a boat engine, and akin to drawing blood, an engine oil sample analysis (OSA) can tell you a lot about the health of your boat’s motor and gearbox.  That’s why some mechanics and surveyors recommend […]

How much is a boat really worth?

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A local Marine Surveyor said he is often asked the same question…. how much should I list my boat for and where should I list? His answer has some interesting points… we think NYB-Antibes fits the bill! In sales jargon, it could be said, As much as someone will pay for it!  However, when it comes […]

British Ship Registration – do I or don’t I register?

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Do i need to register ?

BRITISH SHIPS REGISTER If you are thinking about putting your yacht or motorboat on the British Ships Part I or Part III Register or have purchased a vessel that is currently on the British Ships Registry and need advice then contact us as we are able to assist. Network Yacht Brokers Kent has the knowledge […]

VAT on Yachts & Motorboats – Current position as at 2nd March 2020

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Customs Warehouse Scheme

Until the Transition Period finishes (currently 31.12.2020) then nothing has changed regarding the VAT status of yachts and motorboats in the UK and the EU. Currently, it appears that there will be no Customs Union after agreeing (or not) a free trade agreement with the EU.  This means that boat owners need to keep abreast […]