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Become A Yacht Broker

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Become A Yacht Broker

If you want to become a yacht broker, then talk to us at Network Yacht Brokers. Our three-step plan, it has worked for all the offices in the Group. See below in the video how Rob Woodward got into the industry. Rob has been in the Group for over twenty years and has been Chairman of the Group since 2010.

The Group was formed in 1992 under the name of Channel Yacht Brokers. A couple of years later we re-branded as Network Yacht Brokers. Since the re-brand almost 30 years ago, Network Yacht Brokers has grown to become the largest group of independent yacht brokers in Europe.
We now have offices all over the UK and Europe. The Network Group has concentrated on developing our own web technology support systems and processes. This advanced concept helped to create a solid foundation for each business to be able to grow further and faster than working alone.
There are still many prime Brokerage areas in Europe to develop. When you become a Yacht Broker with us, we will teach you how to operate our internal broker system. Whatever work you’ve done before, you will get all the help, support, and advice you need to become a Yacht Broker with our Group.

A Shareholder for over twenty years, Rob Woodward is Chairman of the Group, listen to his story.

More information at Network Yacht Brokers Barcelona

Contact (Rob Woodward) learn more about becoming a Yacht Broker.

The best way is to send Rob an email, and he will do his best to reply quickly. When sending any information please give some indication about where you would like to ope If you are hoping to set up in the UK, it will be tough finding space. Sometimes offices come up for sale, so please do ask. 

 Currently we are developing a plan to further expand the Group into Europe and will help an individual grow a business in almost any county. We identified lots of great locations. America and the Caribbean are also being considered for expansion of the Group; however, the Group does works best when several offices join up in a location and work together. 

Our Advice is free

We can help you set up your own business from scratch explaining all aspects of becoming a Yacht Broker. The Group do offer free support and advice all the way even if you do not join our Group. We value working with partners and are confident that our support in the first instance will instil your confidence in us. After you join our Group your will discover are a true co-operative, we are not looking to sell an area and take a cut from your profit. You will find working with Network Yacht Brokers, you get to keep all the commission you earn. 

Network Yacht Brokers has grown fast in the past couple of years, together we are strong. Offices continue to see the benefit of our marketing strategy. During 2021 we plan to boost our performance thanks to the supported of our amazing partners. Network Yacht Brokers Barcelona