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Become a Yacht Broker

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The information below is provided by each office to give you an insight into our personal experiences of how we became Yacht Brokers. Unlike other brokerage businesses, a Network Yacht Broker is in control of his own company. This is because we are a Co-operative of individually owned companies and we share a well established national brand. Being part of a Co-operative means there are no franchise fees or complicated legal contracts. Thanks to the Co-operative business model, our members retain independence and freedom to invest in their own business as they see fit. Owners are safe in the knowledge that they can enjoy the backup and support of a large organisation. Typically, this would only come from being a Franchise operator. Read More 

Network Yacht Brokers was formed in 1992 under the name of Channel Yacht Brokers, although it took a couple of years to be re-branded. Since the re-brand almost 30 years ago, Network Yacht Brokers has grown to be the largest group of independent yacht brokers in the UK with offices in the main boating areas. The Network Group has concentrated on developing technology support systems and processes to create a solid foundation for each business to be able to grow further and faster.

There are many prime Brokerage areas in Europe to develop and join the group. When you first join we will give you a detailed introduction on how to operate our internal broker system. It doesn’t matter what work you’ve done before, you will get all the help, support and advice you need to get started and get underway to becoming a successful Broker.

Are you are interested in owning a brokerage or developing another side to an existing marine business?

If the answer is yes, call Rob Woodward on +34 680 758 121 or UK or email for more details.


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