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Rob and Chiara will Sell Your Yacht

Sell Your Yacht Network Yacht Brokers Barcelona

Posted in: News | By: barcelona | Posted On: 17 Jan 2021

Sell Your Yacht With Us. It’s that time of year when you might consider to “Sell Your Yacht”. Most people didn’t get to use their yachts last year because of Covid. Perhaps you are thinking of using a broker to sell? I thought it might be prudent to point out some of the key advantages […]

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Sell My Boat In Port Ginesta

Posted in: Barcelona | By: Network Yacht Brokers | Posted On: 09 Jan 2021

Boat for sale in Port Ginesta Do you have a boat in Port Ginesta Marina Barcelona or anywhere in Spain? Perhaps with the Covid Pandemic, you haven’t been able to visit for some time? If you think that buyers are not out in force at the moment, you are wrong. We have lots of buyers […]

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Linssen 32SL steel motorboat for sale in Kent

Posted in: News, Kent | By: kent | Posted On: 17 Nov 2020

This Linssen 32SL, steel motorboat, for sale in Kent has just been reduced in price for a quick sale. She is now being offered for sale, sold as seen, for £33,000 which is over £10,000 below what she was originally advertised at.  Full details of this vessel can be by clicking on the following link […]

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COVID-19 We are still open

Posted in: News, Kent | By: kent | Posted On: 08 Nov 2020

COVID-19 Update:  5th November 2020 – We are still open for business and are very busy. Please note that we are still open for business selling and listing boats, but we are just having to operate in a slightly different way. The UK Government has advised us that we can no longer allow people to […]

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Classic yacht – Whitehorse 38- “Rebecca”

Posted in: News, Kent | By: kent | Posted On: 19 Sep 2020

A classic yacht “Rebecca” previously known as “Whinfell” is the last remaining Whitehorse 38 yacht available. This ketch rigged Whitehorse 38 yacht built by White Horse Marine in Cumbria was due to go into full production but because of the Suez crisis back in 1974 never made it due to the fact that White Horse […]

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Covid-19 yacht checks

Covid-19 Stay Home Stay Safe We are here to HELP

Posted in: News, Antibes | By: antibes | Posted On: 08 Apr 2020

COVID-19 and the importance of LOCKDOWN | NYBAntibes Yacht Checks We know all owners are anxious to know that their boats are safe and well.  We have professional access to the local ports and will make weekly security visits on behalf of clients. NYBAntibes would like to extend these lockdown yacht checks to all owners, […]

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oil sample analysis

All About Engine Oil Sample Analysis

Posted in: News, Antibes | By: antibes | Posted On: 11 Mar 2020

Engine oil analysis can tell you a lot about the health of your boat’s motor. A lot goes on inside a boat engine, and akin to drawing blood, an engine oil sample analysis (OSA) can tell you a lot about the health of your boat’s motor and gearbox.  That’s why some mechanics and surveyors recommend […]

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How much is a boat really worth?

Posted in: News, Antibes | By: antibes | Posted On: 10 Mar 2020

A local Marine Surveyor said he is often asked the same question…. how much should I list my boat for and where should I list? His answer has some interesting points… we think NYB-Antibes fits the bill! In sales jargon, it could be said, As much as someone will pay for it!  However, when it comes […]

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Do i need to register ?

British Ship Registration – do I or don’t I register?

Posted in: News, Kent | By: kent | Posted On: 02 Mar 2020

BRITISH SHIPS REGISTER If you are thinking about putting your yacht or motorboat on the British Ships Part I or Part III Register or have purchased a vessel that is currently on the British Ships Registry and need advice then contact us as we are able to assist. Network Yacht Brokers Kent has the knowledge […]

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Customs Warehouse Scheme

VAT on Yachts & Motorboats – Current position as at 2nd March 2020

Posted in: News, Kent | By: kent | Posted On: 02 Mar 2020

Until the Transition Period finishes (currently 31.12.2020) then nothing has changed regarding the VAT status of yachts and motorboats in the UK and the EU. Currently, it appears that there will be no Customs Union after agreeing (or not) a free trade agreement with the EU.  This means that boat owners need to keep abreast […]

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