How much is a boat really worth?

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A local Marine Surveyor said he is often asked the same question…. how much should I list my boat for and where should I list? His answer has some interesting points… we think NYB-Antibes fits the bill!

In sales jargon, it could be said, As much as someone will pay for it!  However, when it comes to putting your boat on the market, there are a few important considerations to take into account:

  • How quickly do you need to sell it?
  • What are the market conditions for your type of boat?
  • Where is it located? Will it be beneficial to move it somewhere more accessible?
  • What about the legal aspects, Contracts? Commissions? Surveys?
  • What is the technical condition of the boat?

Engaging a professional broker who understands the sales process is vital when it comes to buying or selling a boat, but of equal importance is dealing with a broker who understands and is sympathetic to your situation. Of the questions listed above, the one that has the most impact on a boat’s value is its general overall condition. In the property market, the adage is Location, Location, Location, with boats it is Condition, Condition, Condition! 

A few questions you should ask a prospective broker before you list your boat with them:

  • Can you give me a technical assessment of my boat’s condition?
  • What sales platforms are you going to list it on to get the best exposure?
  • Can you help me with the legal aspects of the sale?
  • Can you help with language translation if needed?
  • What is your expected list price, and can you justify it?
  • Do you carry insurance?
  • Can you help with getting a berth? Or crew?

To sum up and based on 35 years of marine experience, the answers to; How much is my boat really worth and where should I list it is… Ask a professional broker!

Call The Team at NYB-Antibes, to discuss how we can help get your boat listed at the right price, with the right exposure.  We are here to help.