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Wauquiez is a non profit organisation established by Henri and Philipe Wauquiez the Boatyards founders.

VERDOSO steps down (2008)

Owners for ten years, Group Beneteau of the Wauquiez boatyards sold their shares to Verdoso Industrie in June 2008.

At that time, Verdoso, who specialises in acquiring industrial companies in need of a turnaround, realised that the Wauquiez Boatyards were quite different from all of their other companies. Turnaround challenges were compounded by the evolving economic crisis of 2008.

Despite starting well, the company's reorganisation suffered as the demand for luxury boats and yachts came to a halt in 2009.

The order book, and work in progress, offered some hope. As things progressed, it became clear the Wauquiez boatyards stood a chance to take back their position in the luxury boat market.

Despite all their efforts to recover from the economic crash, the Wauquiez boatyards organisation was forced to go into Administration in October 2010.

A race against time starts to avoid commercial court.

Charles Henri, his uncles Philippe and Christian Wauquiez step in. They had a desire to ensure the company's sustainability. Despite having no financial interest in the business, they got in touch with the Experton Révollier Group, who warmly welcomed the initiative. 


Experton Révollier Group said

"We offer our most sincere thanks to all who rallied in favour of the Wauquiez boatyard rescue. Special thanks to all its employees, who fought hard to save it and Tilbor Sillinger for his precious support. Also Alain Controller, the Wauquiez family and the administrators who believed in the Wauquiez boatyard's future".

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The project is based on long-term investment. A strategy aiming to stimulate activity is being implemented. Investments are being made to consolidate what has already been achieved. Principles are moving forward are to be further improved with even greater quality building with attention to detail. Customer care and follow up's before undertaking any new developments. Production is maintained on the historic site of Neuville en Ferran, near Lille, to preserve competence and know-how unique in the shipbuilding industry. 


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