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Company Based in America
  | Year of Formation 1970 |

Company History

Catalina yachts was set up in 1970 by Frank Butler who’s aim is to create boats which are a good quality but also good value. Frank Butler believes that his boats are a great success because they are created for the customer and in a competitive market Catalina Boats succeed because their main priority is to listen to their customers.
Today after the great success of all the Catalina yachts which have been released over the 40 years, Catalina has become one of the largest boat manufacturers in the world. To this day over 60,000 boats have been manufactured by Catalina yachts. They produce boats which are from as small as 8feet but are most successful with their mid sized cruisers. In 1982 Gerry Douglas became chief engineer and V.P and has designed most of Catalina’s boat since this date. In 1998 Gerry Douglas and Sharon Day became partners in the company, while Frank Butler to this day still remains active in Catalina Yachts.

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Catalina 34
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Catalina 28
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