Swan 38 for sale in Lymington

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New to the market in Lymington , Hampshire a Sparkman & Stephens designed Swan 38 with an outstanding inventory and in great condition.
If you only ever had the chance of owning one yacht the Swan 38 should be your choice. There is nothing that the Swan 38 does not excel at. Be it winning silverware at the most demanding race venues, blue water cruising or family holidays the Swan 38 will do it fast, smoothly, safely and importantly with grace and style.

Swan 38

The beautiful lines of the Swan 38 mark it out as a all time classic

Swan 38 fast and easyly handled

The Swan 38 will bring home the Silverware

The combination of the New York based designers Sparkman & Stephens and the absolute craftsmanship of Nautor Finland have made the Swan 38 a thing of timeless beauty but she is not only a work of art but an extremely strong and high performance yacht that can sail through any type of weather and come out the other end with a happy crew. Be it on the wind , off the wind or downwind she is a flyer.
The Swan 38 takes a crew of 9 when racing but is easily sailed short or single handed as all her lines lead aft and the new tape roller furler is very efficient.
If your thinking that you would like a boat that could cross Biscay or tour the Baltic as well as taking part in your clubs evening race program as well as keeping the family happy on weekend jaunts this
Superb Swan 38 is for you.