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Time To Sell Your Yacht?

It’s that time of year when you might consider all thing and realise it is time to sell your yacht. Most people didn’t get to use their yachts last year because of Covid. Perhaps you are thinking of using a broker to sell? I thought it might be prudent to point out some of the key advantages in this post for using a Network Yacht Broker to sell your yacht.

Do you have time to sell or even show your Yacht”?

If you only want to show your yacht to people who might be serious before making a journey to see it, you will miss out on many possible clients. Most people have little experience of buying a yacht or deciding what yacht they should buy. They often base the final decision on an emotional feeling that can only be developed by a real visit.

Show your yacht to every prospect

The best policy is to be prepared to show your yacht or boat to every prospect, even if you don’t think they are very interested. We find most buyers say they are only looking for ideas on the first viewing. A good Broker develops an idea with a prospect and then sells the yacht to them.

To find a buyer; we will probably show a yacht more than ten times on average before an acceptable offer is passed to an owner. Some less popular Yachts will be on our books for more than one year.

A bit more about us

No sale no fee

All offices in the Network Yacht Brokers Group operate a no sale no fee policy. This service forms the foundation of our Group. We have been working together selling used boats for almost 35 years. Thanks to our strategy of sharing leads the Group has grown in recent years. You can find a Network Yacht Brokers office in key marina locations.

Marketing on multi-web platforms.

Years ago, we would plan our marketing strategy sat around a table, debated the strength of various paper magazines before deciding where we would place our client adds. Yachting monthly was one of the most popular magazines that we supported for many years with a full-page costing around £1,000.00 (1300 euro). Most publications came in at about the same price. As a Group, we advertised in all the best magazines spending thousands every month.

The internet has taken over.

We still spend thousands each month on advertising, and our budget is spread across many platforms. Fortunately, as a Group, we have invested £ 100,000 in our CRM marketing system that exports boats to our partner websites. We are one of the few Yacht Broker Groups to have a sophisticated data system, and most companies rely on outdated systems that duplicate and copy specifications badly.
Our marketing budget is enormous, and all 25 offices contribute a fixed amount each month towards Group marketing. This keeps our Broker fees competitive, we probably charge less than any major franchise operations but spend much more on monthly marketing than any individual Broker.

Sell your yacht with us for less than you think.

Broker fees have fallen in recent years. Brokers in our Group rely more on volume sales than high broker fees. We often share commissions within our Group as our marina-based offices pass leads to each other daily. We are all based either next to or within marina complexes to look after potential buyers as they arrive. In Barcelona, we receive 80% of our customers from overseas. Appointments made are at mutually convenient times. Some local owners prefer to conduct viewings themselves, for us, this is no problem.

Selling a yacht does not end with payment.

It is clear to clients that when they buy a yacht through Network Yacht Brokers Barcelona, we take care of them long after hand over. A large part of our growing business revolves around boat management. Lots of our customers who buy yachts go on to rent private berths from us an rely on our after-sales service for support in looking after the yacht, especially if they live abroad.
We also arrange ship registrations and help resolve all kinds of paperwork issues that crop up when owning or selling a yacht.

Free valuation service.

If you are considering the sale of a much-loved yacht or boat and keep it in Port Ginesta Barcelona, we will visit the yacht or boat free of charge and give a valuation without any obligation. For all areas outside Port Ginesta, we offer free valuations based on exchanging documents and photos. Regardless of location, we visit every boat listed for sale at least once to evaluate the condition and advise our buyers before they travel.

More yacht buyers than sellers.

It is currently a seller’s market in Spain and most of Europe with fewer popular boats available than ever before. A lack of nearly used stock developed because of the 2008 banking crash.  As a result, over the past ten years, prices have remained strong for well-maintained boats and yachts.

European yacht charters

We are developing a Yacht Charter company to run alongside Network Yacht Broker Barcelona. If you are a yacht owner or are interested in buying a yacht as a charter investment, please contact us. European Yacht Charters.