Fraud Prevention and Avoidance

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The internet has made the world in which we live a faster and more convenient place to do business. Unfortunately with these improvements and conveniences there are also plenty of opportunities for fraudsters and scammers to take advantage to try and trick you out of your possessions or money.

We take the security of our clients very seriously and have procedures in place to try and avoid our clients falling victim to any such scams, additionally we also undertake regular checks to ensure that we remain secure, in some instances this may mean additional checks and we appreciate your patience whilst we carry out these checks for the security of all involved.

As fraudsters normally target individuals it is important that you are also vigilant and carry out some basic procedures to confirm you are not targeted, as a minimum we ask our clients to carry out the following;

  • Check emails received are from genuine email addresses even if they look similar they may not be from ourselves, all emails sent from us will end in the suffix, be aware of very minor variations on this.
  • Verbally confirm any bank details with us before transferring any funds to our accounts, do not transfer any money to account numbers purporting to be sent be us over email without validating them verbally or in person with our office.
  • In all cases, we suggest that if it is the first time you have sent us money that you send a small value first which we will then verify receipt of before sending future payments.
  • If you are unsure about any aspect of a transaction or need to clarify details please phone us first.

If you think you have been the victim of fraudulent activity you must report it to the National Fraud Agency via action fraud on

0300 123 2040

We would ask you to make us aware also of any fraudulent activity which involves anyone pretending to be ourselves or asking for money on our behalf so that we may investigate it.

For further advice on how to avoid fraud see the ActionFraud website below.