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Chris Tremlett, the founder, is dead. He died after a long illness, and he passed away aged 71. Chris was a prolific boat designer/builder, and he brought the relatively expensive sport within reach of enthusiasts who would otherwise have been spectators on the shore. His interest began with a pram dinghy at the age of 14 before slowly progressing to larger boats. His later ownership of a Fairey 14 was a hot moulded sailing dinghy that began a long association with this form of construction.

The Fairy 40 used thin strips of mahogany and waterproof adhesive compressed over a mould in a hot oven to create a shape. Chris found that piano makers used similar methods to achieve beautifully curved frame casShopfitters and used the same practices to build counters, display cabinets, and other curved laminations. Chris Tremlett felt that hot moulding was the best way to make a strong hull but had neither the space nor capital for a custom-built autoclave and the equipment that he would need to do this. Instead, he chose an easier route. His method was simple. Strips of veneer were laid over a wooden mould before covering a rubber blanket and removing the air. A long blast then cured compressed veneers and glue of hot air. Although less glamorous, the result was a strong, affordable hull. This method he adopted after establishing his business on the banks of the River Clyst, a tributary of the Exe near Topsham, Devon, in 1961.

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