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Moody boats epitomize both quality and innovation. The iconic River Hamble has been the home to Moody yachts since the middle of the 19th century. Their models capture 150 years of tradition and look to be in an ideal position to gain significant success well into the future.

The original designer and innovator, John Moody, had fallen in love with boats at a young age and had his first boat building effort in a small courtyard in Swanick, England. After he passed away, he left the business to his only son, Alexander, who continued in his footsteps.

In 1934, Moody Yachts finally began, with Alexander laying down the foundation for the future. He stated that Moody yachts had to be made with the finest materials, the highest artistry level, and the uppermost quality. This ethos has stayed embedded in the company ever since.

Experienced sailors hold Moody yachts in the highest regards as they continue to produce boats and yachts of the highest calibre. Their vessels incorporate the eye-catching designs of Bill Dixon, a naval architect, and the grand luxury that is expected from a boat of this league. 

Moody has long been a well-established market player, and with complex, new and boldly unique designs coming to the field, their success looks to continue long into the coming years. 

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Moody yachts begin when John Moody begin his first efforts at boatbuilding in the courtyard of a house in Swanwick. When he passed away, he left his business to his son, who continued to build fishing boats and dinghies. In the 20th century, John’s grandson Alexander Herbert and his son Reginald started to do maintenance work on boats. 

In 1934 Moody started to build yachts of their own. Before this was started, moody had written that the yachts they would produce would be of the highest quality, use superior materials. To this day, these standards have been kept.

Featured Boat - Moody 38cc 

The moody 38cc features a shoal fin keel, seven berths in three cabins plus saloon, sloop rig and wheel steering. This boat has a washbasin, toilet, and shower with a door leading to the saloon. The saloon features a large top open fridge, cooker and twin sink.

It has a C-shaped settee accompanied by a chart table. The engine is a Perkins 34hp diesel driving a shaft propeller with a rope cutter which will hold 50 gallons of diesel. This boat is fixed with all the navigations needed and safety equipment.

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Unveiling the Magnificent Moody DS45

The Moody brand was always at the forefront of design and engineering during the glory days of boatbuilding in Britain. They began producing quality workboats during the 1820’s in a yard in Swanick, just off the head of the River Hamble, on England’s glorious South coast.

They turned to yacht building during the 30’s, and the family business gradually evolved to the eye catching design and staunch engineering that we see today. One of Moody’s designers, Bill Dixon, has been creating cruising boats since 1981, but contrary to their wealthy heritage of tradition, the Moody DS45 is anything but. It is a leading figure in the future of yacht production and boasts aesthetics that aren't seen elsewhere in the market.

The Moody DS45 boasts spacious and decadent cockpit and sleeping quarters and an attention to design and décor detail like no other yacht of this type offers. It has successfully redefined what is possible to achieve with a 45-foot monohull and performs great under sail which coincides with its spectacular motoring performance. All in offers all of the standard requirements but with a fresh and vibrant twist.


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