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 Grand Banks Motor Yachts and the character they represent have long appealed to yachters from around the world. 
The manufacturer says, "We will always stay true to our heritage, but we are too excited about the future and will move forward with the design. Our Motor Yachts will exceed expectations. We are designing yachts that will change the industry while continuing to reflect our passion for the sea." 
Grand Banks Yachts offer some of the best performance statistics in the luxury motor yacht industry. This progression to excellence is thanks to impeccable construction. Manufacturing efficiency is the priority of all Grand Banks Motor Yachts. Every yacht in the range boasts beautiful and spacious interiors. Endurance in comfort ensures long-range pleasure cruising in all seas.  

The Grand Banks Line up.

Grand Banks 60
The new gold standard in long-range cruising, the GB60 boasts an unbelievable top speed and maximum efficiency.

Grand Banks 54

The GB54 is designed to offer a soft ride and incredible efficiency. The 54 will cruise at speeds in the early to mid-twenties and have plenty more speed when you want it.

Eastbay 44

Grand Banks invented the Downeast cruiser; the Eastbay 44 is the latest offering of this famous yacht style. 

Grand Banks Motor Yacht takes its name from the Grand Banks of Newfoundland, an underwater plateaus group located to the south-east of Newfoundland on the North American continental shelf. The Grand Banks are shallow compared to the North Atlantic Ocean's surrounding waters. 

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Grand Banks News

Grand Banks Innovative Production Process of The Year Winner

At the fifth edition of the 2019 Boat Builder Awards at Amsterdam's National Maritime Museum. A luxurious evening draped in black and gold decadence. Eight companies were celebrated from a shortlist of 36. The evening began with the awards procession. Later on, all enjoyed a show by the Cirque de Soleil-style gymnasts and musicians.
Grand Banks Yachts company recently completed a refurbishment of their Robot Manufacturing Facility. They now boas twin armed robotic milling capabilities, enhancing productivity, increasing production capacity, and streamlining production flow. Ths advanced production spans across their two brands; Grand Banks Yachts and Palm Beach Motor Yachts.
On the night of the award, Grand Banks' advanced use of a robotic 8-axis mill was presented with the award for Innovation in a Production Process.  This achievement followed an intense 4-year restructure of Grand Banks Yachts, headed by CEO Mark Richards.


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42' 5"

32 Sedan
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