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Families, sporting enthusiasts and fishermen

Company History
Glastron boats was the first large scale fibreglass runabout manufacturer, and has sold around 500,000 boats, more than any other boating company.
Glastron was founded in 1956 by Robert R. Hammond, William D. Gaston, Robert A. Shoop and Guy W. Woodard in Austin Texas, when the founders shared a common interest in building fibreglass boats. In 1957 they released their first two models. Glastron from the beginning showed innovative ideas offering their customers a choice of four deck colours. In the next year another three models where introduced with the option of the industry’s first fibreglass hardtop.
As the companies success grew Glastron purchased 8 acres of land in Northwest Austin.
In the 1960s Glastron saw a number of new innovative technologies within their models including  a two tones gel coat hull, the Aqua Lift deep-vee hull, and their first tri-hull boat. By the end of 1963 Glastron saw half of its sales come from the deep-vee Aqua lift models. At the end of the 1960s Glastron developed its most famous boat, the bat boat, which was featured in the Batman movie and television series.
In the 1970s Glastron became the world leader in fibreglass boat sales as it saw its 100,000 boat being built. In this time Glastron replaced the standard steering with mechanical steering which improved safety on board a Glastron. In 1973 Glastron produced boats for the James Bond film ‘live and let die’ which saw the destruction of 17 of these to find the perfect speed and ramp for the 110’ jump.
In the 1980s Glastron saw more success and designed a boat for the James Bond film ‘moonraker’ this went on to win Boat of the Year by Powerboat Magazine. With massive success Glastron moved the manufacturing operations to a new location in New Braunfels in Texas.
In the 1990s Glastron saw yet another move to a larger location in Little Falls, Minnesota. The 1990s saw the release of Glastrons new runabouts, which also saw added ski and fish models to its line up. For its 40th anniversary Glastron released a GS 205 Anniversary edition which received an award for Outstanding Runabout Performance from the Powerboat Magazine. In 1997 Glastron saw another innovative idea. They started using multi-axial fibreglass which made the boats stronger and lighter which led to better performance.
In the last few years of 2000s Glastron has seen a number of new limited editions which include technologies like pop up changing compartments, carry on fridges, and wet/dry vacuum cleaner. In 2001 Glastron saw its new VEC technology which is a closed-mould boat building process; they then secured a new 95,000 square foot facility for the new VEC technology. Today over 75 % of Glastron Boats are built with this Technology.

Featured Boat

The Glastron 249GS Sports Boat

This superb Glastron boat was built in 2004 and is perfect for any sporting and cruising family. It is well equipped for a long day out with a sink with hot and cold water, cooker, microwave, and refrigerator.
It has a Volvo KAD32 170hp Diesel engine which will prove to be economical.
This Glastron Boat has plenty of space with the capacity of 4 berths. It has a spacious cockpit and saloon, with also a bathing ladder and intergraded swimming platform with walk through gate. This boat has all the fun of a runabout combined with comfort for the evening.


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Glastron 249
24' 10"