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Medium size commercial vessels are often made for a specialist operation by an unknown yard. Dive boats and passenger boats come in this category. Some sailing charter boats are also explicitly commissioned for a job, but usually, boats will be modified after manufacture. During the 70s and 80s, production had not developed to a sufficient extent for commercial modifications. 

Boats used in European waters must undergo strict safety checks every few years. The code of practice has evolved into a sophisticated process at all levels. The general public must feel safe when buying a boating experience, regardless of how short the trip is.

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De Jorio of Italy

Featured on this page is the Catamaran Nemisis based in Ibiza.

Nemesis was built in an Italian Yard in 1992. The original design is by De Jorio of Italy. This is a brief history of the designer. Created in 1956 first at Studio De Jorio, DJDI was initially formed by its founder Giuseppe De Jorio, an architect who gave birth to and developed the modern concept of cruise ships in Italy and all over the world. The concept of open public 'urban' like spaces enjoyed onboard, like the Piazzetta and the shopping gallery, was first introduced in Costa Riviera's refitting in the middle 80s. This revolution in design represented a considerable change between the old and the new era of cruise ship design. GNV launch of high-speed Cruise Ferries was another brilliant and decisive creation of De Jorio. A great success in terms of design went on in business throughout the 90s. Many other important partnerships followed for GNV.


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