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Albatross Marine Ltd were a prestigious marque operating in the 1950's & 1960's who built a number of Aluminium alloy speedboats with classic lines and unstepped planing hulls. Albatross boats were unveiled in 1951 and the lines and performance made it popular with watersports clubs, the Albatross MKI prototype soon becoming the "Albatross Sports Runabout MKII" - a full production model. 240 Albatross Sports runabouts were produced before the next generation, the Albatross Sports Runabout MKIII, was developed in 1956, whose production ran to over 750 boats. In 1960, Albatross Marine redesigned the MKIII, and launched the Albatross A series sports model, being larger than the Sports Runabout at 13ft 1 1/2 inches, and with larger more potent engine packages. Albatross Marine also offered an even larger model, the 100E Continental from 1957, though only around 200 of these were produced.

Such was Albatross Marine's reputation, their customers included Royalty & famous names such as Stirling Moss, Prince Philip, Bridget Bardot and Prince Rainier of Monaco. A few stunning examples of the Albatross boats are around today, as are some that are in need of some TLC, so prices vary hugely depending on condition.


Albatross Marine Company History

Archie Peace formed Albatross Marine in 1949, an aircraft engineer by trade who set the business up near Great Yarmouth. He was soon joined by Peter Hives, whose father was at the time in charge of Rolls Royce, and Bruce Campbell, whose had worked as a test pilot for De Havilland aircraft. Their wealth of knowledge in the aviation construction and engineering business was applied to the construction of boats and their first projects were the construction of 3 hydroplanes which financed the company's efforts for the near future. As stated above, Albatross Marine enjoyed success with their sports runabouts and continmued to produce the boats into the 1960's though we are unsure as to exactly when the company ceased production of their aluminium boats.

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