Nomination of the Sun Odyssey 469 for the European Yacht of the Year Award 2013.

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For all the loyal Jeanneau customers viewing our site we wanted to let you know about another award nomination for one of  their newest yachts.

Sun Odyssey 469 nominated for the European Yacht of the Year Award 2013

The all-new Sun Odyssey 469 is the latest in a long line of Jeanneau sailboats to be nominated for the prestigious European Yacht of the Year. Of the dozens of new sailboats launched every year, only a few even earn a nomination.

Started in 2001, the jury is made up of the 11 largest sailing magazines from 11 European countries. Jeanneau has been nominated a dozen times and has won this coveted award 4 times!

This is more than any other brand of sailboats. Winners include the Sun Fast 35, Sun Odyssey 45, Sun Fast 3200 and the Sun Odyssey 409.

The newest addition to the Sun Odyssey line, the Sun Odyssey 469, benefits from the latest innovations and inherits the finest traits of this iconic line. From the design cabinet of Philippe Briand, clean lines and an elongated hull with moderate freeboard give the Sun Odyssey 469 an extraordinary aesthetic value and performance.

As usual, the winner will be announced during the Boat show at Düsseldorf. So we’re keeping our fingers crossed!