Deganwy Quay Day – Treasure Hunt

Posted in: News | By: Conwy

Oooh arr me hearties! It’s a fine day to Hunt some Treasure…

Come to Network Yacht Brokers’ Family Treasure Hunt on Sunday 15th August at 12pm! We will begin at Deganwy Marina, but who knows where the day may take you?

To celebrate Quay Day, the launch of Network Yacht Brokers’ Deganwy and the launch of the River Taxi, we have prepared the Treasure Hunt to end all Treasure Hunts. Come and join us!

You may encounter some fierce pirates and high seas on your travels, but do not fear- there’s lots of fun to be had.

You can reach the clues’ destinations by land or by sea- it’s up to you.

River taxi, car, bus or boat, finding the clues and staying afloat!

You will be given a clue as to your first location. You must solve the riddle and find the destination, without getting marooned or shipwrecked. But beware the pirates who are out to thwart your efforts! They are looking to soak your treasure map. Arm yourselves as best you can with water pistols. Hand in your sheet and items and wait to discover who has been victorious in the Battle of the High Seas! (Hopefully not too high- we don’t want any actual shipwrecks!)

We look forward to seeing you there…