Chris Craft Sportsman 17

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Chris Craft Sportsman 17

Chris Craft Sportsman 17

Oh my goodness what a super cool boat! This 1957 Chris Craft Sportsman 17 is sheer class, and has been restored to all of her former glory some years ago, and left in storage in a barn ever since, and not launched for at least 15 years. She looks very close to concourse condition, and even can boast having the original 130Hp petrol engine with a shaft drive. The engine was started about two weeks before this article was posted, and she is more or less ready for the water.

I spent most of my life wishing I was a bit of a James Bond, and if there is anyone else out there that feels the same way then they might want to think of an accessory like this. Miss Moneypenny come over here ….!

We have put a guide price of £20,000 on this boat, and some have said we are crazy and should have put it up for more, but the owner wants her to go to the right home as more of a priority than achieving the best possible price, and so this guide will, we hope, attract a wider market.

If you have an E-type Jaguar in the drive, and a Triumph Bonneville in the garage, then you might want to think about this beaut!

The hull is made out of solid mahogany planking with matched light and dark grains on both sides with the Chris Craft decal on side.  The details continue on the bow with a chrome light assembly and a Chris Craft flag.  Unframed, curved Plexiglass windshield

The interior is highlighted by the white steering wheel and the classic controls and gauges.  The sleek styling and flowing lines of this Sportsman have automotive like feel reminiscent of the times.  Seating is offered at the stern with room for 3 and the forward seating has a space between to allow movement with seating for 2.  Boat purchased in 2004 and not used since that time.

Full specification