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Sea Ray has always been at the forefront of the boat design industry. Having been formed by C. N. Ray in 1959, they have now been in business for over 50 years, and their successes just keep on coming. Sea Ray has caught the eyes of many boat owners and has increased its customer base respectively during the previous 30 years.

They manufacture some of the most technologically advanced boats in all of the market and they work on best build principles that incorporate safety, adaptability and all round quality. These beliefs have resulted in a huge rise in popularity and have gathered some of the highest accolades ever awarded in the boating industry, such as the NMMA Award for Highest Satisfaction in Sports Boats.

Through utilizing forward thinking and a strong commitment towards innovation, precision and heavily informed craftsmanship, they are well placed in the market as we look towards the future. These traits result in an all round luxurious experience. Their line of boats, which range from 17 to 61 feet, are leading the way in technology, engineering and aesthetics.

On top of the product itself, Sea Ray prides itself on its customer service before, and after, any sale. Their conveniently placed network of dealers and the experience and knowledge of their experts means that they offer their customers the best possible level of sales and service.

Company Based
USA (Detroit)

Year of Formation

Boats Primary Market
Luxury cruisers and sports boats

Company History

C.N. Ray built a fibreglass runabout in his small garage in Detroit in 1959. Fifty years later, Sea Ray has become one of the largest manufactures of pleasure boats in the world.

From the beginning, Sea Ray was a pioneer of using fibreglass and other new materials in its boat-building process. Sea Ray became a subsidiary of the Brunswick Corp. in 1986. With the addition of Sea Ray, Brunswick became the leader in boat and marine engine manufacturing. Sea Ray's reputation is based on the quality of its product. It is regarded as the "Cadillac" of boats.

Its boats exceed the standards set by the National Marine Manufacturers Association, American Boat and Yacht Council, and the United States Coast Guard and have always kept a strong customer base who continue to return for the top-end quality of Sea Ray boats.

Featured Boat – Sea Ray 300 SLX

The 300 SLX is the largest bowrider on the market, and one of the finest specimens in the Sea Ray line-up. It provides more than sufficient room for a gathering to relax, barbecue, cruise or even party.

The luxuries of its interior are as good as anything else out there and are perfectly crafted to give it a stylish and regal feel. It is undoubtedly one of the most attractive boats available with its teak decking, two-tone vinyl and built in cockpit barbecue grill.

The power of the engine packs a real punch and the control is effortless thanks to the ergonomic Axius joystick for ease of manoeuvring. The fantastic features on this model are sure to give the owner many bragging rights throughout the oceans of the world.

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Searay News

Sea Ray Announces Innovative Jet Boat Initiative

For over 50 years, Sea Ray has developed some of the best designed, built and technologically sublime boats in the industry. They have received numerous awards and accolades which stand to prove their underlying quality.

They continue to push their ideas and scientific boundaries forwards of producing boats from 17 to 61 feet, and therefore set themselves extremely high standards in terms of engineering, aesthetics and technology. This is how they have always done it, and they are not planning on stopping any time soon.

Founded in 1959, Sea Ray is the world’s largest manufacturer of high quality pleasure boats; but this doesn’t stop them from venturing out once in a while. Sea Ray have announced that, as of autumn this year, they will be producing a new range of sport boats utilising the very latest in cutting edge jet propulsion technologies.

For the power side of the operation, they have teamed up with German based engine manufacturer Weber Motor who will construct the four-stroke engines and jet propulsion. They have won praise and awards for their road engines and their marine engines and are sure to give the new models quite kick in speed.

On top of the incredible torque of these engines, they are also due to become the first models to meet the California 4-star ultra low emission levels. This sets a new benchmark in the industry and is sure to have a knock on effect in t he future advancement of engine technologies.