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Norman Cruisers

Norman Cruisers began in 1959 when Ernie Wheeldon started building individual "Norman Cruiser" boats which were sold on approval throughout the UK. The Norman Cruiser business expanded into other areas, including the manufacture of windows and trailers, and enjoyed great success with their range of small-mid size cruiser boats which were popular on both coastal and inland waterways. The model range includes the Norman 14 (once built as the Dejon 14), the Norman Cruisers 18.5, 20, 23 and 32, and later the Norman Cruisers 24, 27 and 22 wide beam models were added. The Norman Cruiser business peaked in the early 1970's when the factory in Lancashire produced up to 25 boats a week and employed in excess of 100 workers in the boatbuilding area alone. Foreign markets attributed for a great proportion of Norman Cruiser overall sales and exports were good to neighbouring European countries such as Norway, France, Sweden and Holland, where the boats were imported by Internaut and sold on under the name of "Inter" - the Norman Cruiser 20, for example, becoming an Inter 620.

The company strugged through the late 1970's and ceased trading in 1979, before reforming again in 1980. A fire in the Norman Cruisers factory destroyed the majority of the moulds for the Norman boats in 1982, and whilst some were salvaged/sold on, the production of Norman Cruisers stopped shortly afterwards.

Years of production

1959 - 1982 (circa)

Market Sector

Small (<32') motor cruiser/fishing boats

Factory Base

Shaw, Royton & Heywood, Lancs, UK (when trading)

Norman Cruisers boats previously for sale

20' 3"