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Jokerboat was established in 1979 by Giuseppe Aiello. Specialising in small handcrafted boats. Jokerboat was one of the first and most innovative nautical companies in Italy at that time.

The first boats were built entirely by hand and small in size. The technology behind the production of these boats was restricted to tubes in a Hypalon texture. A wooden floor and inflatable keel complemented the construction of a folding, non-rigid bottom.

These boats are still used today thanks to quality manufacturing even after 30 years of use. This principle of quality built boats is still maintained and characterises Jokerboat manufacture reputation.

In the 80’s Jokerboat achieved record sales with astonishing results for this first inflatable boat on the Italian market.

Thanks to the Clubman and Coaster brands, the entire world fell in love with the Jokerboat brand. The ’80s and ’90s marked the brand’s great success, with more than 1,000 boats produced each year.

The information was provided by Network Yacht Brokers Antibes (March 2021)

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