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The IMEXUS 28 is the perfect all-round boat for all water sports enthusiasts who want to perfectly combine sailing and cruising with a motorboat. Intelligent craftsmanship meets modern design and high quality in the IMEXUS 28.

The key to the IMEXUS is the proven water ballast system. During sailing, the yacht takes on approx. 730 litres of water as stabilisation weight, ensuring always lies safely and streamlined on the water. The sailing characteristics of the IMEXUS 28 are excellent for its class. Even at a wind force of only 3 Beaufort, the sailing yacht reaches a theoretical hull speed of 6.8 knots, making sailing a pure pleasure.

By emptying the ballast tank, the IMEXUS 28 transforms from a family- friendly, fast sailing yacht to a fast motor boat in less than five minutes and with just a few steps.

Depending on the engine, the IMEXUS 28 can reach up to 29 knots and can glide effortlessly with a 90 hp outboard engine. There is plenty of power so you can even waterski or wakeboard with the IMEXUS 28.

The yacht is available as an outboard or inboard version up to 170 hp, depending on the type of engine.

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