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The USA-based Hunter Marine Corporation first evolved from Warren Luhrs boatyard operation. They started building sailing yachts in 1973. Hunter then became a large-scale builder, aiming at the lower cost end of the market, developing a distinctive range of yachts – currently 15 to 50 ft – most don't have a backstay.

When marketed in the UK, American Hunters were sold as “Hunter Legends” to avoid confusion with the British Hunters. For a time the US Hunter Marine operated a second factory in England, but that has now closed. Marlow-Hunter builds and sells direct, and they do this through less than ten dealers and distributors worldwide. The Marlow-Hunter factory only produces approximately 20 small yachts annually. This production is of its Trailer-sailer cruising yachts. Included in this total is the Downeaster a newly developed Marlow Mainship Pilot Series.

Since buying the majority of assets including factories of the major brands consisting of Hunter Marine and Mainship powerboats; Marlow Acquisitions has embarked on an ambitious redevelopment of the entire brand. Included in the reconstruction four new Marlow Mainship Cruisers and four new, very innovative high technology performance sailing yachts. In 2017 model many Marlow Hunters and all Marlow Mainships feature brand new tooling, and a design to take maximum advantage of a three-year plan, test to destruction development program, employing technology, design and build techniques perfected at Marlow's award-winning and environmental factories worldwide. Marlow Hunter and Marlow Mainship will not enter the high volume cheaply made yacht market, always preferring the pursuit of the marine industries highest standards, similar to the Marlow Yachts.

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