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Hanse is a German boat manufacturer that has built a reputation for supplying fast, safe and quality cruising yachts. They are generally regarded as a fantastic all round boat, as it is a very good compromise between quality, price, performance and cruising amenities.

The German originating manufacturer has had its yachts designed by world-renowned designers Juel/Vrolijk – who are famous for creating Alinghi, which have been tailored to ensure they are an absolute pleasure to sail. Hanse are known for making yachts that are light on the helm and have a very impressive turn of speed to eat up those waves.

Originating in 1998, Hanse have continued working hard on designs, build quality and exposing their boats to people, which has now made them a major boat builder and very popular brand not only in Germany, but throughout Europe.

Many modern boat builders opt for techniques that take less time and resources, but sacrifice quality, such as the chopper gun method and the use automated computer design. Though Hanse use some of the most up to date technology available, they have stood by the method of hand laying the hull moulding which has been pushed aside by many other mass producers.

Hand laid hills produce a far stronger and stiffer finished hull. Just as critically, the bulkheads of a Hanse boat are bonded to the hull and deck which will produce a superior strength and stiffness, rather than simply being added to divide the interior up. This helps Hanse boats achieve a category A ocean rating and high ballast ratio, meaning it is extremely reliable in many conditions.

These boats have always offered great value for money, superior quality, function, comfort and an all round exceptional boat that you’ll truly love.


Hanse boats previously for sale

Hanse 545
53' 3"

Hanse 411
40' 6"

Hanse 375
36' 11"

Hanse 355
34' 9"

Hanse 315
31' 0"

Hanse 315
31' 0"

Hanse 315
31' 0"

Hanse 315
31' 0"

29' 49"