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Haber boats are robust, quality, award-winning boats built at the long-established Haber Yachts factory in Poland. The sail and motor yacht range models have a distinctive traditional pilothouse style, which provides standing height even in the most compact models. From trailer sailers to Category A ocean-going sailboats, from classic ‘Riva’ style speed boats to traditional New England style centre console and cabin boats to canal, lake, river and coastal cruisers, there is a model to suit most customer’s requirements – and all can be customised to suit individual preferences.

"HABER YACHTS has been building yachts since 1991. We aim to satisfy the demands of customers who recognise and appreciate exceptional quality. Our yachts have been designed for those with an appreciation of yachts with exceptional nautical properties, where combined modern properties and traditional styling provide unique comfort and safety levels. We build the HABER yachts exclusively to order. Each yacht is unique and gives the customer a sense of uniqueness. Working directly with our customers, we embrace a philosophy of continuous improvement.

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660 Sloop
21' 8"