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Middle income motorboating enthusiasts

Company History
The company began in the 1960s when Bjercke started building the type of boat that was like a “car for everybody.” This started off in a small shop in Arendal. This shop could not take any boats that where over 24 foot in length. However Bjercke was successful in selling his smaller range of boats which ranged from 15-21 foot long.
For Bjercke to expand his range into 30 feet he moved into a bigger shipyard in Arendal, this is where he started to produce 30 foot boats very successfully.
Again Bjercke began to expand leading him to a new shipyard in Fevik in 1964; two years following Bjercke had a workforce of 120 employees.
10 years after Bjercke had founded the company; it proved to be very successful. Fjord had an employee force of over 700 people, offering 72 different models from four shipyards.
After trying to succeed in producing a boat of 75 foot which was unthinkable at the time, unfortunately the oil crisis in 1973 shrank the company, but by the late 70s the boat company began to grow again.

Featured Boat

The Fjord 40’ Cruiser

This new 12 meter Fjord 40 is a new exceptional motor. It is designed to move easily through the water, while also navigate quietly and economically. This Fjord 40 was made with these in mind using tests to make sure that Fjord delivered. The 40’ Cruiser was tested in a wind tunnel with help from a well known automobile manufacturer.
This Fjord Boat 40’ Cruiser is proudly showing the look of the new Fjord Cruisers in the future.


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