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Frederick C Mitchell & Sons

Frederick C Mitchell & Sons of Poole, Dorset have produced various motor and sailing craft during the latter half of the 20th century. Popular models include the Atlantic 40, the TradeWind, Parkstone Bay Motorboats & Barbary Ketches/Sloops. Not much is known about the company as Mitchells Boat Yard was sold in the late '90s to become Parkstone Bay Marina - with no historical information readily available. Still, several accounts can be found on blogs and owners sites on the web. Len Mitchell, Frederick's son, took over the business and continued to produce their range of boats into the '70s and '80s.

It is believed production of boats started in the yard around the end of the 1960s, producing many of the 21' Parkstone bay motorboats and a variety of other boats in fewer numbers, many of whose mouldings were supplied by Robert Ives of Christchurch and fitted/finished at Mitchell's yard. The yard was relatively small, with no more than perhaps 2 or 3 being built at any one time, making them comparatively rare and benefitting from the excellent quality that they are renowned.

 Featured Boat - Atlantic 40 MK II

The Atlantic 40 is a ketch-rigged, long-keel cruising yacht built by Mitchell's yard from a Walter Rayner design to comply with Lloyds 100 A1 specification. With a centre cockpit and deckhouse, she is an extremely capable cruising yacht with excellent protection and ample accommodation, lending herself for long passage making and extended cruising. A well-equipped galley and extensive inventory to complement her abilities and 7 berths complete an excellent package.

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