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 Manufacturer:  Eyemouth Boat Building Company Limited

Class:       Inchcape Yachts


Inchcape yachts were built by the Eyemouth Boat Yard in Scotland. The Yard was situated just over the Border at the attractive fishing port of Eyemouth - hence the motif of the rose and thistle carved on the bows of every one of the INCHCAPE class.

 The Eyemouth Boat Building yard began building boats in 1850 and over the years produced a vast number of motor fishing vessels, yachts and special purpose vessels. Early records are not accurate enough to give exact numbers built, but over 100 vessels were built in the 20 years up to 1990.

 The INCHCAPE class of M.F.V. yachts was introduced to meet the growing demand from yachtsmen whose main considerations are sea-keeping ability, spacious and comfortable accommodations coupled with low running costs. As a class, the INCHCAPES are perhaps unique in that they are built on the classic lines of the traditional motor fishing vessels used by fishermen for seine-netting and trawling off the coasts of Scotland and N.E. England, with only minor modifications allowed by the Naval Architect to improve the craft for service as a yacht. Scottish fishing boats are constructed to withstand hard life and often appalling weather conditions and the INCHCAPE class were built in the same robust tradition.

 The range of boats built by the Eyemouth Boat Building Company include:

  • Inchcape 32
  • Border Minstrel 35
  • Inchcape 38
  • Inchcape 45
  • Inchcape 52

 The "Border Minstrel" was introduced to meet the requirements from owners for a vessel to sail single-handed over long distances. The prototype of this vessel sailed immense distances and crossed the Atlantic twice in her first year of commission, including a crossing during tremendous gales.

 The INCHCAPE yachts were all fitted with a powerful diesel engine of a well-known make as standard, but owners could, if they wished, specify an engine of their particular preference with price adjustments. These vessels were all provided with a comprehensive basic inventory, and here again, owners could make alterations and additions to suit their needs.

 The construction of INCHCAPE yachts is immensely strong (Iroko or boat skin larch planking on massive homegrown oak frames). Brightwork is kept to the minimum for ease and maintenance and the deck is covered with hard-wearing Cascover nylon sheathing. The sail plan is designed for off-the-wind sailing and steadying purposes.

 A gaff mainsail was deliberately chosen as being the most effective for the type of craft. The main mast in smaller boats and both masts in the INCHCAPE 45 and above sizes are set in tabernacles for ease of lowering. Below decks, the accommodation is exceptionally roomy due to the ample beam and a great deal of thought that has been put into planning the standard layouts.

 An interesting feature is the use of pilot berths which is in the larger boats and are virtually small single cabins when shut off from the saloon. Another good feature is the well-arranged galley with the half-height serving sideboard adjacent to the dining space. This sideboard partly shuts off the galley from the saloon, yet allows the sense of space to remain unimpaired.

 At sea, these vessels give a tremendous feeling of confidence that they are fully able to cope with a lot of bad weather without endangering themselves or their crews. With their wide side decks, protected by substantial bulwarks and lifelines, they are safe for children, make a wonderful cruiser in the larger sizes, and are a most comfortable cruising home. In any anchorage or harbour, these fine motor yachts command much admiration as ships of great character; their sea-kindly hull form and bold sheer always catch the eye, and the heart, of the seamen and indeed all who appreciate that there is something staunch and genuine.



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