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Essex Yacht Builders built various motor/river cruisers for the leisure market during the 1960s, 70's & '80s. Their designs concentrated on cruising abilities, and as a testament to their quality, many are still active on rivers and inshore waters around the UK today. The range included boats from 23' to 46', though larger models were much rarer than the smaller ranges up to 30 foot. Based on the river Crouch in Essex, the yard developed and expanded their Cleopatra range throughout their lifetime with the popular 23 & 30 models evolving to the 700 and 850 respectively, and variations of the respective models being offered such as Fisherman, Family and Weekender to give differing layouts and emphasis on cockpit/cruising space etc. Essex Yacht Builders are also remembered for their famous 39ft round the world motor sailer.

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Wallasea Island, Nr Rochford, Essex, England - THIS COMPANY HAS CEASED TRADING.

Company History

From their humble beginnings, Essex Yacht Builders designed and manufactured boats for the UK leisure market. In 1966, Alan Hill, a young and respected yacht designer, joined Essex Yacht Builders' team. Soon after, the Cleopatra Blue Nile offered a high-quality, family-friendly small cruiser with excellent standard specification and priced to fit the family man's budget. Continuing to produce high quality, affordable and well-engineered small cruising craft, the marque expanded its range, developing 26' & 30' variations including the Caribbean and sports rider, and even the Camargue 46 until the company ceased manufacturing boats in the late 1980s. The mould for the popular Cleopatra 23/700 model was sold to Foxe's boatyard in Ipswich, who continued to market this boat as the FOX 700 for several more years.

Not much else is known about the company history, though many forums and owners clubs exist today that provide information on the brand and models still in existence.

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