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Although Dudley Dix is a yacht designer, we have listed him as a manufacturer as he is the manufacturer of one-off yacht plans. He also built boats in his time as a boat builder. Dudley Dix was Born in 1949. He began his professional life as a Quantity Surveyor. Later he would be retrained for yacht design through Westlawn School of Yacht Design, and this is now called Westlawn Institute of Technology.

Dudley drew his first design in 1973 and then went on to build it. It was a 15ft sailing beach catamaran. Dudley Dix designed professionally since winning the 1979 Cruising World Design Competition as an amateur with his CW975 design. During the '70s Dudley Dix began designing and making surfboards for himself and his friends. Boats that Dudley Dix built are a few dinghies, a 15ft catamaran and three offshore yachts of 34-38ft. The first of the big boats was a modified van de Stadt design, which sparked his interest in boat design, this was the reason for his enrolment with Westlawn. The second was "Concept Won" to his award-winning CW975 design. The most recent big boat was "Black Cat", a prototype of the DIDI 38 performance cruiser-racer, which Dudley Dix built to test new construction methods for plywood boats that he was developing. The result if this development is a strong, light, speedy and very economical method of building a round bilge boat mainly from sheet material.

The most recent project Dudley Dix was involved with was the Paper Jet. This is a high-performance plywood sailing skiff. With trapeze and asymmetrical spinnaker. Although Dudley Dix intended it as a trainer for two teenagers, he sailed one single-handed. Dudley Dix has a strong reputation for designing practical concepts, probably arising out of his own boat building experiences and a dislike for things being over-complicated. Dudley Dix has a wide range of designs drawn primarily with the amateur builder in mind but suitable also for professional custom builders. These designs are mostly for plywood or steel, as they are the materials most often chosen by amateur builders. Dudley Dix also has designs suited for GRP production either as custom one-off boats or for series building from a mould. Sizes from 8ft to over 60ft are well within his design abilities.


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Dudley Dix is the son of a provincial Flying Dutchman champion, and he has sailed since he was a young boy and was on the water as often as possible. Having been active in offshore racing in South Africa since the mid-70s, Dudley Dix has sailed in most of the significant off-shore races in the country. Dudley Dix even sailed across the South Atlantic four times, once double-handed and the others in crewed racing mode. Dudley Dix was deeply involved in sailing management for a few years, serving for many years on the sailing committee of Hout Bay Yacht Club. Dudley Dix also served on the regional and national committees of the Cruising Association of South Africa and South African Sailing. In the last two years of this period Dudley Dix was Chairman of CASA and the Council of SAS. Design awards that Dudley Dix has won are the 1979 Cruising World Design Competition. He won this with the CW975, and the 2001 Boat of the Year Award at the Annapolis Sailboat Show and many others. In January 2004 Dudley Dix moved from South Africa to the USA.

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