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The Down East Yachts company was founded in 1974 by Bob Poole and produced a range of solidly built cruiser type sailboats until they ceased trading in 1983. In all, they produced four models of a sailboat, starting with the Downeaster 38 and expanding to include the 32, 41 and 45 models, all variations on the original Downeaster 38 theme. They also produced the Downeast 40 and a trawler style boat adapted from Jensen marine's moulds after the company ceased trading in 1980.

The sailboats designs were created by Henry Morschladt, using very traditional lines and features, such as the wine glass stern, long keel and pronounced bowsprit. He specialised in cruising sailboats and hence gave the Down East Yachts a good reputation in this area.

The company has connections with other manufacturers, including Columbia Yachts, whom the founder worked for before creating Down East Yachts, and Westsail, some of whose hulls were finished by the yard when they ceased production in 1980.

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