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Alan Buchanan

Alan Buchanan, the designer of several successful yachts, having started as an engineering draughtsman at the De Havilland aircraft factory. He started designing Buchanan yachts immediately after the 2nd World War when he left De Havilland, and a variety of designs were initially prepared for wooden hull boats. In the 1950s

Alan ran a successful office from Burnham, which produced a series of off-shore racing yachts and Priors Boat Yard. Soon after, he began building steel yachts in Holland which were fitted out and completed in England. The mid-1950s saw the emergence of glass-fibre, and Alan Buchana designed the first European GRP hulled yacht, "Bonito", built by Stebbings using French Bros. hulls. The 22' 6" Stebbings built Crystal Class become his first production design, later known as the Halcyon 23. Since the 1970's Alan continued to work from his home in Jersey 1970s and has been responsible for numerous yachts and pleasure boats thanks to his ability to quickly and accurately produce designs with a specific brief.

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