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Group Beneteau History to 2014

The Beneteau history dates back to 1884 as they begin to design and build boats around that time. The company’s production facilities are now in both France and the United States after the Beneteau USA plant opened in 1986. Beneteau has five manufacturing factories in the Vendee in western France and its USA plant in Marion, South Carolina.

Company Foundation

The company was founded by Benjamin Beneteau in 1884 at Croix-de-Vie, in France when he began to build sailing trawlers. In the mid-sixties, his grandchildren introduced a line of fibreglass boats. His grandchild Annette Beneteau Roux is still in leadership team at Group Beneteau. Today Beneteau owns many brands such as CNB, Lagoon, IRM, EYB, Jeanneau, Wauquiez, O’Hara, and Microcar.

The Products

Despite still having family origins involved with its running, Beneteau has evolved and diversified to produce sailing yachts and motor boats in virtually all categories of leisure craft. The current Beneteau range is split into two main areas; Sail & Power, while their larger yachts are now under the guise of Monte Carlo Yachts.

Beneteau motor boats include the Antares and Flyer, whose models have been synonymous with Beneteau as far back as the 1960's, though the modern variants bear minimal resemblance to their predecessors. During the early part of this century, Beneteau developed new and more extensive models, introducing both the Swift Trawler and Monte Carlo ranges to offer more substantial boats with greater cruising capability.

Beneteau Sailboats produce a range of fast cruising yachts, racing yachts and smaller single design sailboats ranging from 25' to 58' in length. The Beneteau First and Oceanis ranges are very well established, with over 30 different former models in each section of manufacture, in addition to the current models such as the new Beneteau First 30 and Oceanis 50 family.


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Beneteau News

Deaf Sailor aims for Circumnavigation in Beneteau Boat

Many a sailor has attempted the fearsome feat of a solo sail around the world. Gerry Hughes is attempting this monstrous venture without the use of hearing – he was born profoundly deaf.

On Saturday the 1st of September he will be boarding the 40ft Beneteau Sloop in his voyage to circumnavigate the seas of the globe. This individual feat has been accomplished by less than 300 sailors – there are over 1500 that have conquered Everest!

Gerry teaches deaf pupils at a school in Glasgow, and was both the first deaf teacher in Scotland since 1880 and also the first deaf person to sail the Atlantic Ocean in the 2005 single-handed Transatlantic Race. He is embarking on this new challenge in the hope that it will inspire young deaf people to achieve their dreams and to generally raise awareness of the deaf community.

The voyage is due to last around 5 months, but under unknown weather conditions, could last over 7 months. He will be in contact with both the press and the public via his personal website; where you can track his progress, view his blog entries and watch him en-route.

We wish him all of the luck in the world and hope that his Beneteau boat brings him safely home to bask in his wonderful achievement.

Beneteau buying RFC Holdings 15-07-2014

The renowned Beneteau Group has bought American Sportsboat Companies, On Monday 23rd June.

Beneteau Group signed a deal to purchase REC Boat Holdings, a group of U.S sportsboat companies which includes leading brands such as Four Winns, Glastron, Wellcraft and Scarab. Back in 2010, Beneteau Group launched the sale of motorboats in the over 12 metres sector and now wish to embark on the next phase of its projects in the under 12 metre sector, hence the decision to acquire a well-placed marine company which already accounts for nearly 40% of the overall motorboat market in the U.S. The move is sure to push Beneteau’s influence in the sportsboat market.


Beneteau boats previously for sale

Beneteau 50
50' 9"

Oceanis 393
39' 4"

Oceanis 343
35' 5"

Antares 8S
27' 5"

Oceanis 331
33' 11"

Beneteau 323
32' 10"

Antares 7.60
24' 11"

First 375
37' 1"

First 27.7
28' 10"

First 310
31' 1"

First 21.7
20' 6"

First 21.7
20' 6"

First 26
26' 11"

First 25
25' 0"