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Belliure, a name known throughout Spain and Europe by those interested in and associated with fine custom build yacht’s.In 1953 Vicente Belliure founded his yard in Calpe, building and repairing fishing boats. The Belliure name grew to become a byword for craftsmanship and superb finishes from these early beginnings. Each Belliure craft was quickly recognised by its gold six-pointed star on the bow. In 1971 Vicente Belliure and Peter Ibold Design produced a sailing yacht, the Endurance 35, followed by the Endurance 40 and then a 50.

During the year 1985/6, the largest vessel’s yet to carry the name the Belliure 83 ‘Thalassi’ and the Belliure 86 ‘Jubilee’ was found at premier international boat shows.1999 saw the Belliure 48 motor yacht's introduction, designed by Vicente and unveiled at the Cannes boat show. The 48, a semi-displacement motor yacht of timeless beauty and elegance, characterizes the range to this day, the 40,48 and 60 motor yacht. Network Yacht Brokers Calpe is delighted to be associated with this company and enjoys a close professional relationship working together at our Real Club Nautico  Calpe Spain office.

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