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Apache Boats are built by McManus Superboats based in Fort Myers, Florida, and produce high performance "Poker Run" style boats for the leisure and offshore racing markets. Their boats are custom built for each client and often have bespoke graphics and engine packages which make each boat they produce all but unique. Popular in the southwest USA, Apache boats are thoroughbred racing machines, having top speeds over 90 knots with the design, construction, and looks to match their performance.

The market for these boats is limited, and prices are relatively high. However, they should not be compared to similar-sized sports cruisers, which offer much more accommodation and comfort, but none of the adrenalin-pumping speed and thrills that these type of boat offer. Their current range includes models from 30' to 50' with inspiring names such as "Renegade", "Diablo", and "Tomahawk", and Apache have produced over 600 craft since their formation in the early 1980s. It goes without saying that many either love or hate Apache boats (and Poker Run boats in general). However, if speed, thrills, handling and performance are a priority and the cost of purchase and running expenses manageable, few boats can compete in today's market.

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