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Achilles yachts were built by Chris Butler of Butler Mouldings, initially from a re-developed Ajax design created by Oliver Lee (Achilles 24) in their then base in Hackney, East London, before designing the later models of the Achilles himself. The Achilles 24's success brought a move to Swansea, South Wales, where larger premises coped with the demand for the Achilles 24, and subsequently the other Achilles yachts in the range of which over 1500 were built. The company's history dates back to 1954, though the Achilles range of yachts was built  from around 1968, when Chris Butler and Oliver Lee cpnspired to produce a fast race-style yacht with better accommodation. The production of Achilles yachts ceased around 1989, when the company's interests grew more into producing submersible craft for use on oil rigs, and later closed when Chris Butler retired.

Achilles are renowned as fast cruiser-racer yachts and have successfully competed in many ocean races, sometimes being sailed single-handedly in competitions. The family of yachts have a good pedigree and their build quality and safety is unquestionable. Achilles yachts are popular due their reputation and the fact that their design hits a perfect balance between performance and accommodation.

Several types of yacht have been manufactured under the name Achilles, these being: Achilles 24, Achilles 840, Achilles 9m, Achilles 7m, Achilles 7.5m & the Sparta. By far the most popular was the Achilles 24, of which over 600 were said to have been produced, though later the 9m and the 840 became popular choices for those who wanted a more serious cruising yacht.



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