Preparing to sell your boat – Engine and Electrics

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As a Yacht Broker at Network Yacht Brokers Newcastle based at Royal Quays Marina in North Shields we have experience of the sort of issues which affect the buying decisions of potential purchasers.

I have put together a few tips and observations to help in the preparation of the boat’s engine and electrics ready to sell your boat. A further blog will be posted shortly to cover the remaining items on the boat such as instruments and paperwork.

As stated before first impressions are extremely important and bad ones can be costly. A viewer is making quick judgements on how the boat looks and whether there is potential risk to his hard earned money and peace of mind.

The engine or engines are an extremely important items particularly on a power boat as it constitutes a significant proportion of the value of the boat. Therefore anything which detracts from good impressions given on the viewing  are costly.

Visually the engine compartment should be clean and tidy and free of dirt ,oil and water. Any rusty areas on the engine where paint is missing or flaking should be touched up. Also sometimes where there is a build up of belt dust should be cleaned off.

A recent service of the engine plus a regular service history will greatly reduce the perception of risk by the potential purchaser. During the winter months a small tube heater in the engine compartment will help the keep the area dry and free from frost damage.

Boat electrics are another area which can be subject to comment particularly at survey time. Some older boats have some interesting wiring and can be seen as a major hazard if not kept in good order. Any wiring particularly behind the main switch panel should be as tidy as possible. Targeted use of cable ties can make a significant difference and also crimping on suitable ends such as pole or spade connectors can improve the look.

Also look at covering exposed wiring where possible. There are a surprising number of boats with visible cabling and connections.