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The recent gale force winds are a timely reminder to check that your boat is ready for the winter weather.

Please find a checklist of items in helping ensure that your boat is comprehensively prepared:-

  • Yachts lines are best secured ‘tight’ to prevent ‘snatching’.  
  • Off-lines should be utilized if available.   
  • Appropriate rope should be used to secure your vessel and if possible double up on your lines.
  • Regularly check the condition of your lines especially for chafing and signs of parting.
  • An adequate number and size of fenders should be used and secured appropriately.
  • Tie your fenders to the strongest available point (i.e. toe rail or base of stanchion).
  • Use offside fenders in case of any failure of a mooring line and vessels coming in to contact with one another.
  • Consider lowering your spray hood and lashing it down.
  • Turn your vessel to face the prevailing wind.
  • Make sure all covers/spray dodgers are secured and are in good condition.
  • Consider removing covers and dodgers.
  • Open day boats should have fully working bilge pumps or should be regularly checked and if required bailed.
  • Make sure there is adequate slack on electrical leads to prevent damage to towers and leads.
  • Make sure halyards are well secured and not allowed to repeatedly strike against the mast.
  • Make sure sails are well secured to prevent them working loose and flogging, especially roller reefing systems.

Budget and premium fenders and warps can be purchased from the yacht chandlers.

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