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Welcome to Network Yacht brokers Šibenik-Croatia
Network Yacht Broker Šibenik is located in the most indented part of the Croatian coastline!
Šibenik – Knin County is righteously called “Nautical Paradise”. Not only a quarter of the whole revenue in nautical tourism of the Republic of Croatia comes from that area, but also the fact that the archipelago of Šibenik counts 249 islands, islets, cliffs, and reefs speaks for itself. The total surface of the whole islands of Šibenik area is 665 km2. Six islands only in this line of pearls is inhabited – the island of Murter (the largest inhabited island in the County), the island of Krapanj /the smallest Inhabited Croatian island), Zlarin, Prvić, the island of Kaprije and the most distant one from the land – the island of Žirje.Due to the fact that it has the biggest number of islands and islets in the whole area at the Croatian Adriatic Sea, and because it is situated between two well-known national park – NP KORNATI (the most indented group of islands in the Mediterranean) and NP KRKA (a natural karst phenomenon), THE RIVIERA OF ŠIBENIK offers extremely developed system of ports in nautical tourism, marinas and anchorages for the safe mooring of vessels and what is very important for you ,Yacht owners or futures Yacht owners ,we are here the NYB Sibenik in cooperate with Network Yacht brokers Group.
We are here for you and ready to help you with the complete Yacht brokerage process.