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Thank you for taking the time to read the information contained in this page, how to become a Yacht Broker. The information is provided by each office and is published for the purpose of giving you an insight into our personal experiences of how we became Yacht Brokers. In some cases, the decision making process resulting in an individual entering the marine industry and becoming a Network Yacht Broker has meant a complete change of lifestyle, as well as a major career change. Read More 

Those of us lucky enough to earn a living as a Yacht Broker  believe becoming an Network Yacht Broker partner has unquestionably helped our dreams of being involved in the marine industry become a reality.

Unlike other brokerage businesses, you are in control of your own business as Network Yacht Broker is not a franchise. We are a co-operative of individually owned businesses that share a common and well established national brand. Being part of a Cooperative simply means there are no franchise fees or complex legal contracts. This is to ensure our members retain the independence and freedom to invest in their own business as they see fit but will the knowledge that they enjoy the back up and support of a large organisation that would normally come as a franchise operator. We equally share the cost of international advertising and marketing through the website and our sophisticated bespoke broker management system we call HELM360. All of this gives us a huge advantage over our competitors in the market place. Decision making is made by the group and for the group at quarterly meetings.

Network Yacht Brokers was formed in 1992 under the name of Channel Yacht Brokers, although it took a couple of years to be re-branded. Since then, Network Yacht Brokers has grown to be the largest group of independent yacht brokers in the UK with offices in some of the largest boating areas.  The Network Group has concentrated on Technology, support, systems and processes to make a solid foundation for the business to be able to grow further.

We aim to expand the group by offering key areas for new offices to manage throughout the UK and Mediterranean. Having invested a large amount of time and resources, the unique Network Yacht Brokers model is the simplest and easiest way to buy and sell boats.

We have made available several desirable areas within the UK and Europe for either an existing marine business to join the group or for someone who wants a change in career. A thorough introduction to our internal broker system is provided so it doesn’t matter what work you’ve done before, you will get all the help, support and advice you need to get started.

There are some basic skills needed to become a successful Yacht Broker, however, you don’t have to start with a vast amount of experience to become good at it. In fact many of us have come from totally different professions in search of a more enjoyable lifestyle, this is an industry that brings with it a way of life that many people envy, as well as the potential to make a good living. Most of us have taken to it like a duck to water, it’s a people business, and so in fact there is a valid argument that the broad spectrum of experience that often comes from being outside the industry will bring great talent into the brokerage world.

How to become a Yacht Broker and join Network Yacht Brokers

Are you are interested in owning a brokerage or developing another side to an existing marine business?

If the answer is yes simply call Rob Woodward on 07973 498 176, or drop in and see your nearest Network Yacht Brokers office for more details. Please contact for more details.

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